3 time 2019 MusicNL Nominee

Rising Star of the Year 

Male Artist of the Year 

Folk/Roots Artist/Group of the Year 

2018 CFMA Young Performer of the Year Nominee


Christian Howse is a young multi-award-nominated artist from central Newfoundland, who is making strides into the East Coast music scene with his creative and thought-provoking music. Christian's second album, We Were, a full-length album of originals earned him a nomination for 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award- Young Performer of the Year.   

Christian brings powerful performance to the stage. Drawing from the genres of punk, folk, and math-rock, he has developed a unique brand of percussive fingerstyle guitar which holds his audiences captive. 

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MusicNL Awards weekend! 

Thanks Alick Tsui for capturing these photos at the MusicNL awards after-party at The Ship. It was a legendary night, thanks for coming along!

Congrats to all the winners, and fellow nominees for this year, much love to you all <3


Just received these photos taken by Copperblue Photography & Design in Saskatoon. Great photos of a wonderful show played last Summer at 134 Homemade Jam, I can't wait to be out touring again this summer!

I am going on tour!  

And not just any tour, I am going across the country, all the way to Vancouver, taking trains and cars, and maybe a scattered water vessel at some point. 
I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the VIA Rail Artist on Board and I will travel from Halifax to Vancouver between May 10-16 playing my music and some favourite Canadian covers to those travelling with me. Before I hop on the train, I'll be touring up to the ECMA's in Charlottetown, PEI, and then after the train, all the way across the country! Through the mountains, prairies, lakes of Ontario, back into the Maritimes, and all the way back to Newfoundland. 
If you have friends or family in any of these cities, please grab them and drop out to a show, and please please share this around! Your support of coming to a show and bringing even one friend, counts more than you know. More details will be posted on my Facebook page, so please give that a like to find the events, and follow my Instagram page for photos of what I see across the country. 

Without further ado, here is the poster unveiling for the tour, with a full list of cities and towns I will be stopping in. I hope to see you there!


Poster design by Jerry Stamp

Holy Crosses 

In the last few weeks of travelling and playing, and especially these past few days at the ECMAs, a big theme has been the use of music to make a difference. Its always been a tool for change, and will continue to be forever. As I've been away, I've been watching from afar the struggles of some wonderful people from my home. I wish I could be of more help, but for now, this is the best I can do, and I hope it means something. This fight is an old one where I'm from, but at this point it's not about colours or religion; it's about love, and the fact that no matter what, everyone deserves to feel safe and loved at home. More often than not it's the only place we have. This one goes out to you guys. Keep it up. Spread the love. Make a change. 


It may seem your God's dead but mine 
Still weighs heavy on my mind 
Cause if you wanna cross the road 
It best be in black and white 
Don’t you put that on the meek 
Because they dont have the time 
Put some colour on the streets 
To take the sting out of summer time 

When you step foot 
In my home town 
Paint yourself black and white 
Be a silhouette 
On the signs that claim 
We've got the safest place to hide 
Cause when a kid can't feel safe 
In a town as bright as mine 
You can bet those sorry folks 
Won't pass God’s own finish line 

St. Peter doesn't ponder 
On you slept with last night 
You can put some change in the bucket 
But keep your nickels and dimes 
The gates of heaven will all open 
For my friends by and by 
Regardless of whatever 
Beauty you dare call a crime 

When you step foot 
In my home town 
Paint yourself black and white 
Be a silhouette 
On the signs that claim 
We've got the safest place to hide 
Cause when a kid can't feel safe 
In a place as bright as mine 
You can bet those sorry folks 
Won't pass God’s own finish line

Grounded in a Floating World 

University life has been a blast and as busy as ever, and with the first semester’s exams finished, its high time for a little rest, and hopefully a lot of music. It’s been nothing but laughs and good times out here for the most part, and I can already feel it influencing writing and the music I’ve been listening to. The MusicNL conference brought out some amazing acts that have become quick favorites of mine, Rube & Rake, The Kubasonics, and many more. It was such an honor to be nominated for 2017 Folk Artist of the year, and congratulations to the Kubasonics on winning the award. After seeing their showcase, it was obvious that they deserved every award they received. It’s absolutely amazing to have a band with such a powerful live performance, bridging the gaps between culture here in St. John’s. Every set that I have seen them perform has been mesmerizing. Yet, like I am sure those folks long for a bit of home, it's the same for myself. It’s beautiful out here, and I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else, though I still feel home calling me. I can’t pinpoint what exactly it is I miss, because with each trip back home it feels off, disjointed, like I keep looking for something to be wildly out of place, yet everything is still the same. In the same vein though, it still feels as though everything is different, shifted ever so slightly from what it once was, I just can’t grasp it. So, I take my doses of nostalgia as briefly as possible. A day or two home, a photo or a phone call with a friend, out of fear that if I linger too long it will all shatter. That’s what I wanted to do with We Were, to craft a handful of 5 minute glimpses of nostalgia. A story for everyone that grew up with us at home, a story for every wasted chance, every failed risk, but most importantly for all the times where we knew we had reached for our dreams. Port Town is my prime example of the latter. There’s still much to learn about the world around me, but I hope I’ll never forget what’s the most important: home and family. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think those are set in stone. They are where and with whom you feel completed. Paradise is where the two collide. 

So, a big thanks to those who helped give me inspiration for these stories, the family, friends and people I met along the way who passed on ideas and emotions so that I could craft something to tell. A big thanks to Daniel, Aaron, Cassidy, Paige, and Sam, for helping with the vocals on Port Town, and giving me a little piece of home that I can listen to when I need that 5 minute dose. 

Thanks so much, 

Christian Howse