These Liminal times

The world today is a changing place. The things we have taken for granted so long are now far from reach, and the important things have become much more apparent. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you might be able to remind it of some old ones. As our days roll in and out through quarantine it becomes more certain that the world will likely never return to the way it once was. After the crisis is over and the restrictions are lifted, this place will be much different from how we left it. For now, we are stuck in-between, walking through the doorway as one world transitions to another. When I started writing this album, I had no idea how the coming months would change the world. I had already felt like my world was being pushed in new directions. I figured that the changes were coming within myself. I knew that the world would roll over as soon as I started to let myself grow, but kept thinking why bother? The world can bite me. I trust that you will see this in a lot of the songs on Liminal. Other songs on the album seemed to come to me fleetingly, passing through briefly from someplace outside myself. These, I believe, are a part of some greater scheme. Some are dreams. Some are anxieties. Some are probably warnings from another life. Most of all, I hope that they are something to help you through this transition, as they were for me. The times they are a-changin’, and to feel weird right now is typical. But don’t worry, it all will pass. The times right now are liminal. #Liminalbum