Christian Howse

Rotary Arts Centre, Unit 101, 5 Park Street , Corner Brook, NL

Tickets $10 Christian Howse is a singer-songwriter from Newfoundland, Canada, who is making waves in the East Coast music scene. Releasing his fifth album, ‘Liminal’, Christian’s raw talent and dedication to his craft shines through his music.

The project, Liminal, was begun months before the Covid 19 Pandemic, but turned out to be a very apt theme for the times.

Defined as: liminal: an intermediate state, phase, or condition : IN-BETWEEN, TRANSITIONAL

This record tells stories of life, tales of people in that place of transition. The musical elements support each message, enhancing Christian Howse’s poetic ability with lyrics.

“Christian's raw talent and ability is staggering. His guitar work is very unique and when combined with the lyrics and vocal it is a killer package.”— George Canyon

Tickets $10, limited seating